15 of the hardest theory test questions

Passing your driving test can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in life.

But before you can take the practical test, would-be drivers have to take a theory test, which was introduced in July 1996 – and it has a surprisingly low pass rate.

This theory element is now made up of 50 multiple choice questions and 14 short video clips in which people have to click on the screen when they see a potential hazard.

Thumbs up? How many questions can will you get correct in our tricky theory test?

To pass the quiz element, those taking the test must get 43 out of 50 correct. But some questions are far trickier than others and it appears to be catching people out.

Latest statistics from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency for July and September 2016 show that 511,708 took the car theory test in that period – and 51 per cent failed.

The pass rate was a far higher 62 per cent ten years ago – and the DVSA says: ‘This is attributed mainly to the introduction of new theory test questions that had not been published before. This lowered the pass rate and has led to more retakes.’

The test costs £23 – and it means if the 260,903 who failed during that period chose to take it again, a total of £6million in retake revenue for the DVSA.

This is Money asked the DVSA for what the ten most commonly failed questions in its data bank are.

It, however, refused our request on the grounds that it doesn’t want candidates to ‘learn’ the answers by rote.

Car theory: How the pass rate has fallen in the last ten years from 62% to 49%

Lesley Young, DVSA chief driving examiner, adds: ‘In January 2012 we stopped publishing the theory test questions to make sure that candidates understand the theory behind safe driving, rather than simply learning answers by rote.’

There are millions of drivers on the road with full licences who have never needed to take the theory test.

Recent data from comparison website Moneysupermarket suggests that a staggering four in 10 motorists would fail a theory test if they had to take it today.

However, separate data from Asda Money revealed 74 per cent are convinced they would pass their practical driving test should they be made to take it again.

No theory: Millions of drivers, who were on the roads before 1996, have never needed to take a theory test

We have trawled through hundreds of theory test questions and picked 15 which we believe are tricky and could catch the average motorist out.

Although many of the questions are common sense, some are incredibly difficult, testing your maths skills while even questions about automatic cars are asked – even though many will only drive manual.

Take the test, tell us how many you got right and whether you have seen some of these signs, or used some of this knowledge in your everyday driving.

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