Maddie Ziegler Dishes On Her Friendship With ‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown

Maddie Ziegler rose to prominence while appearing on Lifetime’s hit show, Dance Moms, but her star exploded when she appeared in Sia’s “Chandelier” video. The reality show star has since left the show and hasn’t looked back, and she hasn’t needed to. Since then, she has lent her voice to a movie with Elle Fanning entitled Ballerina(or Leap in some countries), written a New York Times Bestselling Book entitled The Maddie Diaries and even starred in a movie with Naomi Watts, The Book of Henry. It’s safe to say that this once teacher’s pet is now totally going places.

The Dance Moms alum stays close to some of her pals from the show, in particular Kalani Hilliker and Nia Sioux Frazier. But since she’s been making the rounds in Hollywood, the young star has been making some friends with big names of her own. She recently dished that one of these friends is Millie Bobby Brown, the British actress who rose to fame after starring as Eleven in the Netflix hit Stranger Things. Maddie Ziegler and Millie met one day when Maddie was judging So You Think You Can Dance and have been tight ever since.

“Millie came to a filming of So You Think You Can Dance and came in my dressing room to meet me. After, we would DM each other.

She’d never had a sleepover, so of course, I had to have her over for her first one,” Maddie laughs. “The fire alarm went off at my apartment complex at 3 a.m., and we had to go outside. She asked me, ‘Is this normal?’ I laughed so hard.

We just make each other laugh so much.”

Maddie Ziegler also revealed that even though she’s famous, she still has her issues with fake friends, which is partly why she relies on her equally famed pals and her younger sister, Mackenzie for friendship.

“I learned at a very young age that not everyone is your true friend and not everyone is going to like you,” Maddie Ziegler said to J-14 Magazine.

The eldest Ziegler girl has also cut one person out of her life, Abby Lee Miller. Her younger sister, Mackenzie, blocked their former dance teacher on Instagram, and Maddie Ziegler has yet to make a statement about her teacher having to spend 366 days in jail.

Abby Lee Miller recently stated that none of the original cast, which would include Maddie, had reached out to her after her sentencing.

“Nobody original from the show [has reached out to me]. You know, they’ve made a lot of money over the years and not a peep! And no one from the production company, no way.”

But Maddie Ziegler has other things to worry about in her life, and that includes being one of young Hollywood’s newest “It” girls. The young dancer still acts as Sia’s proxy when she makes appearances, and has been invited to a wealth of really cool events with the singer, including the debut of the new iPhone last fall.

The dancer, originally from Pittsburgh, is making Los Angeles her home for now, at least for part of the time. She and her sister, Mackenzie, have been pictured out and about all over Southern California enjoying their time in the beautiful California weather.

Maddie Ziegler has also started her own YouTube channel where she and her sister film challenge videos and open up about their lives for their fans. The pair appear to still be dancing, as videos pop up on the Internet here and there with the girls breaking out their best moves at the dance studio.

[Featured Image by Albert E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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